Over/Under Corners Betting Strategy

Corner betting strategies – did you know about them?

Explained in the simplest way possible, it’s when you bet on how many corners you’d see in a soccer game. For example – are we going to see more or less 10 corner kicks in the match? How many corner kicks would Team A get? What about Team B?

It’s a fun way to bet because you avoid the stress of picking a winner in the game. You focus on just one thing – corner kicks – nothing else.

When we build our corner kick strategy, we must know what to look for. And in our opinion, it’s how the teams in question actually play the beautiful game.

First, you must ask yourself a question – what in a soccer game usually leads to a corner kick?

A corner kick usually happens when one of the two teams attacks and a player from the other team makes a clearance. But where exactly does it happens on the pitch?

Exactly. You must look for teams that successfully reach the final third of the opposition’s half. If action is not happening in the final third, you will get throw-ins, not corner kicks. And it does not work for you in this case.

In other words, look for soccer teams that are attacking-minded enough to reach the opponent’s goal regularly. You won’t get many corners if you pick teams that focus on defense. Avoid these like the plague if you want results.

We wanted to share some of our corner betting tips with you. Remember that corner betting is not as complicated as it looks, but it’s also not that simple. You need some perseverance to find the right way to approach this aspect of soccer betting. When you do it – you are good to go. Success awaits you.