Over 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

When we talk about goal betting strategies, one of the best you can try is arguably the Over 2.5 goals. It means that you try to predict that at least three goals (which means +2.5) will be scored in a particular match.

It might be easy to do it, but it might not be. It all depends on picking the right teams at the right moment.

What should you be looking for when picking an Over 2.5 goals game?

Let’s start with this – obviously, you need teams that score many goals. Or at least one or two per game. This is the first thing you need to research – if the teams you are picking are efficient enough in attack.

Look not just at the teams’ form but also their best players’ performances. If they have strikers or attacking midfielders who score many goals lately – well, that’s great. And it will put you in the right direction.

One of the best ways to do it is looking at the team’s statistics – not so much overall, but the one in the last five matches. This info is much more important than the overall performance. Luckily nowadays, there are enough websites that provide statistics like this – you just need to look at them and see the numbers you need.

Don’t bet on names, bet on current form. We all know that Liverpool or Barcelona are huge teams, but if they are not scoring in the last few games – this makes them unsuitable for selection. But if Brighton & Hove Albion are having a run of three or four Over 2.5 goals games – well, that’s no brainer – they are the team to pick.

Goal betting strategy like Over 2.5 goals is not something complicated, but you still need to pick the right matches. We wish you good luck!