Football predictions for tomorrow

APOEL hosts Botev Plovdiv in a second leg of the Conference League second qualification round. Keep with us and our football predictions for tomorrow for this match. Here we go!


The first leg in Bulgaria ended with a 0-0 draw. This gives the Cypriots some advantage for the second leg in Nicosia as they will have the chance to use the support of their fans. Usually it works, but Botev still has some solid chances to score once or twice and reach the next round of the competition.


Botev Plovdiv clearly lacked their leader and captain Todor Nedelev in the first leg. The influential midfielder was injured during a bus crash with the national team in Georgia. He won’t be available for the next game as well – that’s a huge problem for Botev.


Botev’s Swedish manager Azrudin Valentic could refresh the line-up for the next game. The 23-years old Croatian striker Martin Sekulic could find a place in the line-up. Antoine Baroan is another option from the bench for Botev’s attacking line.


APOEL’s head coach Sofronis Avgousti could be making changes in the line-up as well. Marquinhos and Marios Ilia are among the players who could start for the Cypriots in the second leg.


Lucas Souza is one of the players APOEL will rely on in the second leg. The 32-years old Brazilian midfielder was substituted in the first game, but make no mistake here – he will be extra important on Thursday. Souza is one of the players who control the midfield for APOEL and the team knows how to use him, too.


That’s the football predictions for tomorrow for the Conference League clash between APOEL and Botev Plovdiv. The Bulgarian team missed the opportunity to take an advantage so for them it’s going to be difficult. Let’s see what they can do, though.