First Team To Score Betting Strategy

When watching a soccer game, do you regularly wonder which one of the teams will score the first goal? Perhaps it happens to all of us while we enjoy the beautiful game.

But did you know that guessing the first team to score is also a reasonable goal betting strategy? Yes, it is.

Many bettors worldwide use the First Team to Score goal betting strategy to enjoy some solid profits. And it’s quite simple to do it – you just need to guess the team to open the score.

How to pick the winning team here?

One of the best ways to do it is to research the statistics. See which teams are the ones that score first the majority of the time. Usually, these are the teams that start their games more aggressively. They look for the first goal and try to get it because that’s important for their match strategy.

On the other hand, some soccer teams are more than happy to start their games calmly and defensively. They sit back in the first 30 minutes, waiting for their opponent’s aggression to lower. That’s when they begin to think about scoring some goals as well. These teams are not a good pick for you in the First Team to Score goal betting strategy. It would help if you avoided them at any cost.

Another thing you can do is follow the news for injured or suspended players. Let’s say that Team A plays against Team B. You learn from the news that Team B’s most important defender will miss the game because of an injury. It should tell you that Team A now has a much bigger chance to open the score with a first goal. That’s precisely the information you can use in your favor. And the best thing is that information is free of charge!