Corner Betting Strategy Based On Stats

If you look for alternative ways to gamble on soccer, corner betting could be your way to go. It’s pretty traditional, and it could lead to some excellent profits. It all depends on how you are going to play your cards.

When it comes to corner betting, obviously, research is critical. Just like it is in any other strategy! You need to know which teams get the most (and least) corner kicks during their games. Then you go from there and build your plan for the week.

Some teams just tend to get more corners than the other. It is because of the way they play. The more you cross the ball into the box, the more you get corner kicks. That’s because you make defenders clear the ball away from the box and provoke a corner kick very often.

Here your main goal is to look at the stats and see which teams are doing this. Obviously, you shouldn’t pick a defensive team regarding corner betting strategies – these teams barely attack and can’t get you a lot of corners. It’s much better to aim for the attacking ones – they are the ones that give you a most significant chance for success.

If you have a personal observation of some teams – that’s great. You can use various websites that provide different statistical data types if you don’t. Look not just for the number of corners but also how much time the different teams spend in attacking mode. That’s how you can see if a team is attacking-minded or not.

These are some corner betting strategy tips we wanted to offer you. It’s a fun way to bet, and as we said – it can lead to some excellent profits. Just be consistent and don’t give up if it doesn’t go your way from the start.