Both Teams To Score Betting Strategy

Regarding goal betting strategies, arguably one of the most preferred is the Both Teams to Score. Maybe you know more than well what’s the deal here – you need to guess if both teams will score in the game in question.

Many bettors prefer to use the BTS strategy because you don’t try to guess the game’s outcome here. No – we don’t look for winners; we look for goals.

When trying Both Teams to Score, we can give you one primary tip – look for teams who score many times in their games. In other words, don’t bet on clubs who are not that efficient in attack – they won’t do the work for you.

The other option is to look for teams that are shaky in defense. This way, even if they are not that good in attack, they will likely concede some goals.

Arguably the best combination is to pick teams that are good in attack and bad in defense simultaneously – that’s the ultimate win here. If you find such a combination, most likely, you are going to enjoy success.

Another thing to look for is the form of the two teams’ leading strikers. That’s very important because the strikers are the people who score most of the goals, right? If they are in good shape, it means that we should expect some fireworks in the upcoming match. Imagine a player scoring at least one or two goals in the last five games – this should tell you that his team is going to score at least one goal. And that’s 50% of the job in Both Teams to Score goal betting strategy.

You can try different tricks when it comes to the Both Teams to Score goal betting strategy. The most crucial thing is to pick the proper games – that’s of utmost importance. We wish you good luck.