Bad Weather Corner Strategy

How do we win with our corner betting strategies? This is a question we get a lot.

From our experience, there are different factors you should consider here. For some of them, maybe you’d say – “Hey, I didn’t think of it! I didn’t believe they were important in this case!”

For example, what about bad weather? Did you know it could be crucial for getting more corner kicks in a game? Because it is.

When the pitch is slippery because of rain or snow, defenders get more reckless and less coordinated in their actions. This makes them panic in many situations where they just clear the ball out of the pitch because it’s a better choice than to concede a goal. It’s some risk management in this case – sometimes you need to do it.

Another important thing here is shots per game – how many times do the teams in question try to score a goal? Just think about it – more shots mean more efforts from the goalkeepers. And when the goalkeepers have to make a save, often they clear the ball into a corner kick. And that’s precisely what we are looking for here.

The way the goalkeeper plays is essential as well. Some prefer to clear the ball after a cross instead of trying to catch it. You have to know the style of each goalkeeper when developing corner betting strategies for the different leagues. That’s the best way to know what to expect from the players. Otherwise, you’d be shooting blindly, and that’s not a good idea.

These are some tips about corner betting we wanted to share with you. This betting strategy is not the most complicated, but it still requires some effort to become a master. We advise experimenting and seeing which approach works best for you. That’s how you can build a winning plan for the future.