Asian Handicap Live Betting Strategy

Most probably, you’ve heard about the Asian Handicap – one of the most famous betting strategies in the world. It’s an extremely fun way of betting, leading to some excellent profits if you do it the right way.

But what exactly is “the right way?” Let’s say with like this – everything which leaves you on the winning side.

Our advice is to be careful with the Asian Handicap because it’s a little bit complex when you start. The good news is it gets more straightforward when you try to understand it.

One of the most well-known Asian Handicap Betting Strategies is to use it while Live Betting. That’s right – when you’re playing in real-time!

Let’s say that Liverpool hosts Southampton at Anfield. We know Liverpool is in a terrific home shape and will likely win the game. Maybe with more than one goal of difference! But what happens? Southampton opens the score after just 20 minutes of playing! Quite shocking, but nothing is lost just yet – there are 70 more minutes of playing!

Now, this surprising event gives you an enormous opportunity on the market. We still believe the Reds will win this comfortably, so we decided to try the Asian Handicap. Our pick is Liverpool to overcome a -1.00 handicap. It means they must get the three points with at least two goals difference in the remaining 70 minutes. That’s enough time for them to do it as they are the better team.

Meanwhile, we get some excellent odds – 1.85! With a solid stake, we could enjoy some substantial profit here. Do you see the power of handicaps now? They open up some great possibilities.

It is an example of how the Asian Handicap Betting Strategies could work in our favor. If you master them, you could enjoy some great moments during your gambling activity. We wish you good luck!