Asian Handicap False Advantage Betting Strategy

The Asian Handicap is a fun betting method that is getting increasingly popular worldwide. Explained in the simplest way possible, it allows bettors to give a false advantage to one of the two teams in question.

For example, Team A could start the soccer game with a +0.50 or +1.5 advantage compared to its opponent. It means that Team B should win the game with a specific result to neutralize the advantage and emerge victorious.

So what are some winning Asian Handicap Betting Strategies we can use?

One of the main rules is to pick teams that are strong enough to overcome a handicap which is basically starting a game with goals being deducted from you to the opponent.

For example, if you pick Real Madrid to start a match against Osasuna with a -2.0 handicap, they must win with at least three goals to kill the handicap.

More considerable handicaps (like the 2.0 handicap) lead to more significant odds, but they are also harder to achieve. Here picking the right teams is crucial.

For example, if you pick Team A to neutralize a negative handicap, you must be sure this team is good enough to do it. In other words, don’t pick teams based on their names but also current shape and performance – it’s even more critical in this case. Another things to look for are injuries and suspensions of key players – this could be absolutely decisive for the final result. Sometimes even the absence of one or two prominent figures in the team could lead to devastating consequences.

Here are some tips we can give you about the Asian Handicap Betting Strategies. As we said in the beginning, this betting method could be fun and profitable, too. Just stick to your plan and don’t hesitate to take more significant risks as well – it’s the way to clinch some nice wins.