Asian Goal Line Strategy

Most likely, you’ve heard about the Asian Handicaps – a way of betting which gets extremely popular lately. It’s because it opens some market opportunities you wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s up to you to explore these options and build the winning strategy to make you a winner.

One of the ways to use the Asian Handicap is through Over/Under. And do you know what the best part is? It’s not even that hard!

If you have some betting experience, you probably already know this – the live market offers some better opportunities than the pre-game market.

Let’s talk with examples here.

One of the strategies we love to try is using the Over/Under Asian Handicap markets during live betting. Suppose we have a game where they already scored two goals in the first 30 minutes. The half-time market for Over 2.5 goals would be around 2.00. But if we use the Asian market – it’d be 2.050 or even more!

But what most Asian Handicap bettors look for are the second halves of the matches. Let’s say we have a game where it’s 1-2 at half-time. Trying to cover itself, the bookie would offer us a bit higher total goals line – around 4.5. In this case, we would get odds around 2.00 or maybe even higher (it depends on the bookie). If you want, you could look for a safer approach – perhaps taking the 3.75 Asian Handicap opportunity at 1.775 would help if the two teams are tired now and not as high-scoring as they were in the first half.

As you can see, Asian Handicap Betting Strategies offer us many different opportunities to shine. And, more important – to secure a profit. What you can do here is explore these opportunities and the market as well. It might look complex initially, but it gets easier with time. Good luck!