Big odds football tips today

Luxembourg’s Swift Hesperange hosts Slovakia’s Slovan Bratislava in a second leg from the Champions League’s first qualifying round. Now let’s see what we can tell you in our big odds football tips today.


The tie is wide open after a 1-1 draw in the first leg in Bratislava. Slovan were favorites to win, but Swift proved once again that Luxembourg’s football is getting better in recent years. Dominik Stolz opened the score for Swift from a penalty kick in the first match while Slovan’s Vladimir Weiss equalised just three minutes later.


For Swift Hesperange this is a great opportunity to use their home advantage and reach the second round of the competition. Coached by the Portuguese manager Carlos Fangueiro, Swift raised their levels in the last few years. One of the main reasons for this are foreign players such as Dominik Stolz, Charles Morren, Jaime and Maurice Deville. Let’s see if they can do the job in the second leg against Slovan.


Slovan Bratislava are aware that they missed a good opportunity at home and now it’s going to be harder for them on Wednesday. The Slovakians will need to raise their game if they want to eliminate Swift. They already know from first hand that Swift Hesperange are not a team to be underestimated.


The veterans Vladimir Weiss and Juraj Kucka are two of the players who must lead Slovan by example on Wednesday. They have enough experience in matches like this one. Meanwhile the striker Aleksandar Čavric is one of the players who can score a winning goal upfront.


That’s our take on the Champions League qualifying match between Swift Hesperange and Slovan Bratislava. In our big odds football tips today we believe that it’s still a very balanced tie. After the draw in the first leg, now both teams can try to win and reach the second round.